When Wonder Sugar needed to reboot to reorganise her super powers 😊


Hello Wonder Friends!

Probably you didn’t notice, but I disappeared over the last few months… not a clever move for someone who would like to have a blog, but the truth is that I initially lost my plot and then all sorts of new things happened.

Let’s recap…

A- I was informed that the diabetes started to affect my kidney. I panicked, chilled and then planned to follow the ‘Mastering Diabetes’ system to move towards a fat-free, plant-based whole food diet.

B- In the meanwhile, #COVID 19 took over the world. My parents and friends are isolating in Italy. I was (I’m still) extremely worried about them and I miss them badly. While COVID 19 was already a big deal in Europe, it wasn’t felt at all in Dubai. The majority of people were not taking the virus seriously and they were reacting to my consciousness with a little bit of sarcasm… Then, unfortunately COVID 19 became a pandemic; people started to get scared and in one hand it made me feel safer but on the other hand ,the collective fear brought up aspects of human behavior that I wasn’t ready for. Now COVID 19 is affecting the global economy and on top of the health concerns, we need to also deal with the financial one.

Anyways, we are not here to analyze the human reaction to fear or the unknown and I’m not really qualified to judge anybody…especially considering my personal schizophrenic reaction :)

1- Conscious

2- Then extremely scared 😟 (I have been isolating well before the Government called the 24 hours lockdown)

3- Now I’m in the phase: #staysafe #stayhome but also #stayhealthy and #stayhappy. And to be happy I need human connection. I can’t isolate forever… I’m already struggling at the idea that I can’t see my parents, so now I have started with extreme caution (I disinfect everything and everybody, even the air, thanks to @dettolarabia) to step out sometimes… the sunlight is amazing and seeing family and my little nephew is a medication for my soul!

I’m pretty sure that each body is different and that’s why there is no magic answer.

While going through the Corona schizophrenia, I was managing my blood sugar values without being able to go to the gym or for walks/run outdoor. My shark bought me a super #treadmill so I can keep exercising. I tested the ‘Mastering Diabetes’ method and unfortunately it is not working very well for me. So now I’m trying to find the right balance: I’m pretty sure that each body is different and that’s why there is no magic answer.

But for sure I already know that there are things that are already working greatly for me:

1- Exercise: it helps to reduce the insulin resistance, to improve my mood and burn sugar. The best part is that the positive effect of exercise is widely recognized by doctors, meditation teachers, psychologists and so on. My current happy exercise is jogging and I do it in the treadmill that the lovely anchor bought me;

2- Reduction in fat intake;

3- Practicing intermittent fasting ( I’m doing the 16/8 one);

4- Avoid food preservatives;

5- and keep happy through meditation, painting, dreaming about our future sustainable farm, working on new recipes, working on redesigning/transforming our existing furniture and…. We are searching to adopt a new member of the family!! Hopefully a beautiful, fun and full of love #frenchbulldog. We almost adopted one but then it didn’t go through…

Oh yeah I also started a new Medication plan: I’m not using anymore #humalog #mixpen but I’m following a new regime with #tresiba as a #basal #insulin and #novorapid for when I eat. In theory, this equals to more injections per day but it’s helping me a lot to manage my values while I work on the intermittent #fasting and my healthy lifestyle.

So stay tuned! I will be sharing my ongoing experience on all of the changes I made to my lifestyle.

To reflect all the changes in my life, I made some changes to the website as well… now you can find the new pages:

  • Recipes: where some of the recipes are already saved and more to be added

  • Art: where I share all the new things I’m hand making myself and with the help of @dromedarydesigns… from paintings to transforming the furniture, building new stuff

  • Glossary: where I will collect the simplified version of medical definitions

It’s good to be back! It’s a tough and weird time for all of us. The world is changing, we might be far from our loved ones but we need to remember that we need to #staysafe, when possible #stayhome and absolutely #stayhappy

Ciao ciao


Wonder Sugar (?)