The Start

Once upon a time a girl went to ER thinking her gastritis got worst but...

My hair was in the capable hands of my brother while in the hospital :)

“A mortified ER doctor started to discuss with me Ketoacidosis”

One year ago today (13th December) I went to the hospital believing that my gastritis was out of control...but after several tests a mortified ER doctor started to discuss with me #Ketoacidosis & high #glucose values, while the nurses where preparing me to move from the ER section to the #ICU.

I'm rarely confused but I must admit that in those minutes I did not get anything of what was happening...NOTHING ...NADA...NIENTE. I couldn't understand why the Doc looked so mortified to me, I couldn't understand why they were transporting me to the ICU with a defibrillator fact I was arguing with the nurse that if they really needed to make a scene like ER the TV Series, then I wanted an handsome doctor like George Clooney ( I know, I know I never let go on unnecessary jokes).

As nothing was making sense I started to list in my head the things that I had to do (or control):

FIRST: send a voice mail to my #boss to inform that I might not be able to resume at work the next Sunday (I ended up not resuming for a much longer time)

SECOND: explained clearly to the doctors ( 2...including Doc. P - my current #endocrinologist - saint men) that they had to make sure I was out of the hospital the next Sunday (3 days after). My parents were landing from Italy for Christmas and there was no way I would have allowed them to see me in the hospital.

I cannot recall what were the other things, what I do remember though is that in those moments everything was more important than the fact that I was feeling extremely ill over the last months and that, just few hours before, I was spewing blood. The doctors were going to take care of me while I - Wonder Woman- needed to manage all the rest!

This is how the story of my last year started.That damned moment that put me in front of the ugly truth: I'm not invincible. Me, that I have always pursued independence, I was fully depending on machines, medication and people support.

The truth is now I realise that what happened was my benediction. Cause it is true that I still depend on the medications, cause it is true that I may depend on the medications for ever, but it is also true that if it wasn't for this little problem with the sugar I wouldn't ever start the journey I'm going through now and I wouldn't feel so alive and strong... much more than what I used to feel before the diagnosis.

I'm still Wonder Woman with a slightly sensitivity to sugar, and that's why Wonder Sugar (?), that's why I decided to start a blog. Because I'm still a nerd and I still like the idea to be helpful to other people...and if sharing my story, my researches, my view, my discoveries and my failures and experience can help at least another person, I will be happy.

Every week I will post something related to the connection between the 'Values' (#blood #sugar #values) and the #diagnosis, #food, #fitness, #emotions, #work, #sociallife and #travels. Why the values? Because everything you do turn around having the best value (100 is perfection). People with diabetes knows and hopefully this blog will help who does with no diabetes to understand!