The Signs: Vision Reduction(3)

When Wonder Sugar (?) had a sudden reduction on her vision... and thought she aged 🤦‍♀️

On my way to Jamaica, I managed to sit on my glasses...I definitely need to go back so I can actually SEE the beauty of that amazing Country

The Third Symptom: Sudden reduction of vision

I'm almost ashamed to tell this part of the story but I need to... Try to do not shake your head or laugh. I'm not sure it will be possible but please, please try...

I personally can't help it and every time I think about my reaction to my sudden reduction of vision, I laugh. Not because it was funny, but because I can't figure out how it is possible I reacted in such a ridiculous way...

Let's start from the beginning. By now you would have figure it out, that I like to tell stories and give a context... and I won't make an exception here 😎.

As I already said in the last post, last year I planned several activities for my birthday week: including a super fun night at Music Hall Dubai ( It's a #cabaret show, live music, club, restaurant place. We love it! And that night I refused to think about my nausea or any other not happy thing. I wore one of my favourite #outfits with my very high #hills and met my friends. I drank, dance and has a lot of fun. I was the party animal everybody knew and I managed to ignore the nausea!


The morning after though it was a quite different story... I woke up, got ready, went to the kitchen, prepared the coffee, sat on my couch and turn on the TV and... everything was completely blurred... I couldn't see properly the screen even after I wore my glasses living room is not big at all!

Everything was completely blurred...I couldn't see properly the screen even after I wore my glasses living room is not big at all!

What was I thinking: here it comes the ridiculous reaction... my first and only thought was 'What the hell! I just turned #37 and my #vision dropped?!?!?'

I actually send a #Whattapp to one of my best friends back in Italy saying that. I won't share her reply as it was quite not polite and that's OK cause this is how we show love to each other but I rather not publicy my friends and my 'track driver side'. From my birthday till the day I went in the hospital the vision got worst and worst and I don't know how I managed to ignore it... there is no justification to my psychological 'blindness'. I just know that I was a super #luckygirl!

What does it actually mean when you have a drop in vision: Diabetes or better a chronic hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) can cause damages to retinal capillaries (basically the super little veins behind our eyes). To over simplify there are risks for the eyes linked to diabetes (mainly when the blood sugar, lipids and blood pressure are out of control), such as cataract and glaucoma, double vision and inability to focus.

In my case the blood sugar levels were so high for so long that I was having signs of permanent damage...I was extremely lucky that my eyes recovered.

Right after my hospitalisation Dr. P, send me to a #ophthalmologist ( Eye Doctor) who checked my retina and everything else. He confirmed no permanent damage was done and did not prescribe new lenses. He explained that if I was managing my blood sugar values then my vision would go back its original stage.

And that's what happened!😊 More or less after one month my vision started to go back to what it was before. I needed to wait, patiently, and ensure my blood sugar was within the good range. If for any reason my values were not good I could see the immediate effect on my eyes too.

I will be honest with you, even now one of my biggest fear is to lose my vision and I'm terrified every time I do a pedicure (but that's another story). I know, at least rationally, that if I take care of myself and my values, if I regularly see the Eye Doctor (at least once a year) I will be OK, but my fear is always at the the back of my mind. I'm overcoming that fear too... probably also due to my incapability to give up a good pedicure to show off with my sandals😜

Do I still have issues with my vision?: Not anymore. Not more than anybody else. But I make sure I do go to the Eye Doctor for a full check up!

Here we come at the end of the #diabetes main #symptoms that I had: Cold Sweat, Nausea and Drop in Vision. Before moving to the next big topic (stay tuned!), and before the learnings from my story, I will share with you a doubt I still have: was it only my immature reaction to the symptoms that brought me to a very dangerous DKA or is a contributing factor a lack of #social #awareness of diabetes? I did random research on Google and the main campaigns, websites or activities could catch the interest only of diabetics or their friends or family... something more can be done to reach a wider range of people. How to spread the #knowledge? Did you know that the 14th November is the Global Diabetes Day? Is 1 day per year enough? Or should the society invest more time to help people prevent all of this?

Was it only my immature reaction to the symptoms that brought me to a very dangerous DKA or is a contributing factor a lack of social awareness of diabetes?

Also in this case lesson learned

1- Listen to your body, take care of it and if you have a doubt go to the Doctor immediately

2- Control your Blood Sugar= if you ignore it there could be non fixable repercussions

3- Don't wait for the worst case scenario. You might not be always lucky

4- Don't seat on your glasses & don't give up on a good pedicure!