A deviation from the original Plan

When Wonder Sugar (?) has to STOP, THINK, DECIDE & ACT

I had a very clear idea of the order of posts to write...but life happens 😉

The Kidney & the medication

Since I was diagnosed with #diabetes #1.5 also called #LADA, I have been trying my best to follow the rules, adapt my lifestyle and take care of myself the way that I should have always:

1- I have been #eatingclean 99% of the time (and it’s not easy for an #Italian/#Persian foodie!)

2- I have been #exercising regularly - although my #lazy side sometimes still takes over

3- I’m managing my #stress level quite successfully &

4- my blood sugar values are moving towards the #perfect average

I was planning to tell you the stories related to the how, what and when of the above…I thought I was doing enough. But life always has ways to surprise you and unfortunately this time it wasn’t a good surprise.

Let’s start from the beginning. A month ago I went for my regular check up and I had high levels of proteins in my urines. The doctor explained there could be two reasons: the gym workouts or the diabetes was effecting my kidney. I walked out of my medical check-up not worried at all. How could I? I was following all the rules! I was sure it was due to the exercise and I agreed to do additional tests, including a new test counting the antibodies. The same antibodies that started to fight my body in the first place and caused the LADA. Few days back I went to see Dr. P to get the results of the tests. I still need to fully understand the antibodies results. They are still there fighting the beta cells of my pancreas (the cells that produce insulin) but the values of one antibody decreased although the other slightly increased…

But this wasn’t the disappointing or alarming news. I was ready for this. What had quite a strong impact on my emotional strength was the fact that the proteins were still there in my urine and therefore I had to start medication to protect my kidneys. I wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t want to take additional medication. I was angry as I had no power over anything. I was a good girl! I took all the right steps towards the right direction and then?!? More #meds???? What did I do wrong?

Even if they told me it’s not a big deal, that the values are high but still under control, and that the medication is only to avoid damages, I felt immediately powerless over my own life.

The idea that actually it is not my call but it will be the ‘diabetes’ that decides just made me lose it.

It’s not only the fact that the kidneys are getting affected but it was also the information that in case I decide to get pregnant, this medication will not be good:‘You will need to plan to plan to get pregnant’… WHAT?!?! What does that even mean? I didn’t type ‘to #plan’ twice by mistake. This is actually what I will need to do. If I want to get #pregnant then I need to plan for it…not a very romantic picture…

I don’t know if I want to have #kids, but the idea that actually it is not my call but it will be the ‘diabetes’ that decides just made me lose it. Now I have cooled down, rationalized the information and hopefully also managing my reaction. I informed my lovely #shark. I vented to my family. And now I’m ready to work on my #new lifestyle.

YES. Here you go! Now that I almost got used to a new lifestyle, I need to change it further!! Or more precisely change the diet. Also Dr. P said that I need to go towards a more #plant based #diet. And this part, I must admit, was extremely interesting!

Before the kidney episode my understanding was: sugar is bad, there is sugar everywhere- especially in carbs-, fruits and vegetable have carbs and sugar. Ensure your diet is low in sugar and carbs and automatically I started to have a high protein diet…

With the kidney situation now I need to watch out also the protein intake… forget about the question in my head ‘ so what can I eat??’, let’s not forget I’m a CARNIVORE!

The more interesting part of the story is that just few days before the tests results I started reading a book called ‘Mastering Diabetes’ (my lovely shark bought it cause it was the only book mentioning Diabetes 1.5/ LADA). GUESS WHAT? The theory behind @masteringdiabetes is that the usual diet followed for diabetes is meant to manage the blood sugar values… it does not address one of the main issues: the #INSULIN #RESISTANCE. A high protein/fat diet (based on this theory) worsens the insulin resistance. Therefore the theory is that a low-fat plant-based and whole-food diet is better for people with diabetes (and others). What does it mean? I still need to finish the book (#priority #1) and do some extra research. As of now the explanation on the bad effects of fatty acids on the insulin sensitiveness makes sense. Well it is also true that all the other books about how protein diet is the right diet were making sense too!

What to do now? As per the subtitle of this post, I #STOPPED, I #THOUGHT (which means take as much information as possible) and today I took a #DECISION. I just need to #ACT!I was finding it hard to take a decision, which is weird as I’m usually a quick decision maker, but ultimately the decision is taken: I will try the ‘Mastering Diabetes’ plan for 2 months!

Cause although I have been managing my blood sugar values well, I still did not lose the weight I needed to, my insulin injection requirements slightly increased, I still have days with extremely low energy and also because … what is the harm of being basically vegan for a couple of months? I mean I thought I couldn’t live without smoking and it’s more than 1 year that I didn’t…so I guess I can give up on meat and dairy too, right?

I mean I thought I couldn’t live without smoking and it’s more than 1 year that I didn’t…so I guess I can give up on meat and dairy too, right?

I will not lie. I’m not happy I got to this point, I’m not happy to have to change my #habits again and I’m not happy that I’m scared. I wasn’t brought up to feel fear, my parents taught me to be fearless and #strong. I still think I’m strong, but I’m not fearless anymore at least when it comes to my health. Before any decision I think about thousand of scenarios and ‘what if’. If it was two years ago I would have looked at the #Corona virus as a regular virus that my body could defeat, while now I’m not very sure about it.

But I’m also positive. I’m happy to still have options, I’m happy that I’m strong enough to win over my fears and I’m happy there is still room to improve. I will start with the exercise. No matter what I will exercise everyday! Cause lets be clear there is one thing all the doctors, books and even meditation gurus agree on: EXERCISE IS GOOD.

Also in this case lesson learned

1- Sugar is bad, but we might need to educate ourselves on what is ‘sugar’

2- I can’t control everything and I need work on my control freak side 😊

3- Controlling the symptoms is not equal to working on the main cause

4- Look at things with an open mind and you will always find a solution

5- I’m a lucky girl 🍀 to have such a strong support system. Mamma ed Ash vi amo!