From Wonder Woman to Wonder Sugar (?)


'Your body collapsed because of stress, manage the stress and you will be OK'

'You have Diabetes number 1.5'

' Your other doc is wrong... you got LADA and you need constant medication'

Since the 13th December 2018, I have been over-whelmed with feedback, advice, diagnosis and solutions... Being the nerd that I am I didn't take any advice as a golden plated solution. I started to search and research and search again to try to fully understand what it is actually happening to me and come out with a solution that suits my life, my needs and of course that will help me to feel better ( or hopefully heal). 

My name is Jasmine, a Persian girl, born and raised in Italy. After finishing my studies and starting my career in Italy I moved from Rome to Dubai, where I currently live. At the edge of what I thought be my Golden Era, I got extremely sick. I didn't see that coming, I wasn't ready for it. Initially I didn't accept it either but eventually I came to embraced it now. Before getting sick I thought I'm invincible, that there was no limit to what I could do for me and the people that I love. I still believe that I can achieve whatever I decide to, but I don't define 'invincible' in the same way I used to...

I'm not a Doctor (if I knew, maybe instead of Law I would have gone to Med school), a meditation guru or a spiritual guide, but I have the will to heal or at least improve my health. I fully trust all the professionals that are helping me, and I'm following their advice but each of them is an expert in his own field while what I felt I need is a holistic approach... and guess what? I didn't find anybody yet that can help me to put together all the pieces of a very complicated puzzle. 

In this blog I share the journey I embarked to understand and find the balance between all the doctors statements, friend's advice, meditation and spiritual guides, nutritionists, personal trainers ...while I work, enjoy my friends and family,

Because even if I might have temporarily lost my super powers, I'm not going to give up on it!

Hopefully my posts will be helpful for someone else too (but remember always listen to the Doctor!) and of course if you want to send me your opinion and advice too, I will love it!